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OriginSellerMarco Santo
SourcesDisplay, Lead Generation , Social Media
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosUnited Kingdom
Renting Out Solid Facebook Ad Accounts


I understand it is not normal practice here to rent out Facebook ad accounts, but I would try my luck as I know there is a demand for this.

I rent out ad Facebook ad accounts.
I reached a spend of $5000/day so far, but haven't tried to get it higher yet.

Accounts duration is usually 21-30 days. This is of course all on blackhat. (But this is of course if you do not try to make porn ads and other ads that heavily violate Facebook T&C.

Account Creation: $250
Spend Fee: 13%
$0 die fee. UNLESS you get the ad account killed by making porn ads and the like, then we will stop our partnership.

Computer provided for each ad account so you have permanent teamviewer access 24/7. Only paused when we are funding the ad account.

More details on Skype: lisagrandahl628

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