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Thumb e7b7199b4e270bb9BuyerMaja Rekajne
VerticalsCasino Gambling, Games
SourcesEmail Marketing
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAustralia, United Kingdom
Email traffic UK and AUS needed


We are looking for quality email traffic in UK and AUS. We have several CPM and CPC offers.

We look for long time partnership. We are interested to run a test with you and if the traffic is good we can move to big budgets every month. Those are partners we look for.

But not at all interested in those fake offers of quality traffic etc etc that at the end only work on CPM and don't provide any results.

In the moment we would be interested in good databases for gaming, lottery, casino etc.

If you think we could work on something together please let me know:
Skype: mrekajne
email: mrekajne@emailingnetwork.com

Looking forward to hear from you!