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Anurag MahajanSellerAnurag Mahajan
VerticalsCasino Gambling, Finance, Health, Tech
BasisFlat fee
GeosCanada, United Kingdom, United States
Casino / Health / Payday Databases available.

--> Casino database

Around 2+ Million Gambling / casino players database / records are available for sale.
Data for Casino affiliates are also available.
Mix Geo’s, mainly Europe & CA.
On prepayments only.
Contact for prices.

--> Payday database

1 Million full form data available for sale.
Mainly US. Fresh data – 3 to 24 hrs old.
$0.60 per record.
Prepayments only.

--> Genuine Technical Support Mobile number Database

100K records available for US.
$760 for all database.

--> Health Insurance Database

Fresh and old data available for health and auto insurance.
1 Million records available for US.
$1400 for 100K records, including email, phone numbers, name, etc.

All databases are available on prepayments only.

Contact at anurag@cpminventory.com
or Skype at – popundermedia