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Paulo RibeiroSellerPaulo Ribeiro
VerticalsEducation, Make money
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GeosCanada, United Kingdom, United States
Aweber Sniper launch, 21/12/2016, Hot & NEW

Launching affiliation.
Looking for affiliates or networks to work with.
Big commissions

I have just promoted the aweber sniper to one small UK list to give it a test and made 5 sales so far in a 14k email database so being a new product everyone wants to visit and register.

All products on this sale are in english and can be sold anywhere.

We make fast payments for the frequent sellers and monthly payments for the rest, and we will give bonus and special prizes for the top 10 sellers.
Product name: Aweber Sinper & Aweber Sniper PRO
Starting commission 50%
Main product price: $37
Upsell price: $97
Average sell commission will be $48. Most people tend to buy the PRO version.

Big affiliates will have bigger cuts on each sale.

New banners and good looking HTML newsletters to promote Aweber Sniper will be placed at the affiliate webpage frequently.

Get on board and start promoting!