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Fraser RushtonSellerFraser Rushton
BasisFlat fee
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosUnited States
2016 Complete Email Database - 34 Million Records

We are selling our complete 2016 database of 34,517,674 unique shortform email records in one file for a low flat rate.
Records are all optin and contain email, ip, datestamp, source url, fname, lname (address,city,state,zip,phone,mobile,dob - where available depending source).

Database is a mix of ALL ISP domains and in the following verticals:
- Auto Insurance
- Auto Quotes
- Beauty -
- Bizopp
- Credit Card
- Credit Repair/Score
- Debt Relief
- Disability
- Financial
- Grants
- Health Insurance
- Home Repair
- General Insurance
- Jobs
- Payday
- Public Record Search -
Products for Home
- Promo/Coupon/Sweepstakes
- Property Search
- Social

**We also offer realtime data feeds of roughly 450k unique per day.

If interested, please email for details.