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GeosPakistan, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
Fraud Detection

Dear Members of Mymediads,

Fraudscore allows you to track your affiliates and determine if the traffic that they send over is baed on fraud or not.

Our system among, if not the most precise on the market and it detects the following:

We track more than 50 different parameters starting from device IDs, IPs and ending up by click density and conventions as well as many more.

Fraudscore focuses on quality metrics such as conversions, installs, registrations, deposit and all other types or events. We detect any type of conversion you apply as a goal to your advertising campaign - install, registration, deposit, etc.

If interested in a quick discussion, you can reach me over on Skype at alextudorache08

We are now providing all of our clients with a 30% discount on all orders that are completed until the end of March.

I am looking forward to discussing more with you.

Best regards,

Alex T.