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Guillermo PachecoSellerGuillermo Pacheco
VerticalsCasino Gambling, Health, Holiday-Travel, Insurance
SourcesCo-registration, Database, Display, Lead Generation
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
Best leads available ever. Viva Mexico for Business!!!

eGENTIC is open for business in Mexico 100%.

HQ traffic available and good volume for you to have. We are offering:

*Sponsoring and Telemarketing data available real time - great for Insurance, Telecom, Finance, etc.

*We welcome any Coreg single opt in question / survey on Host and Post.

*Driving traffic to any Landing offers we want to try them as well.

Let's start doing great business together.

We want to work with serious partners.

Contact me if you want to start making money now!


Guillermo Pacheco
Sales Manager

eGENTIC North America Corp.
1940 Harrison St. Suite 301
Hollywood, FL 33020 USA
Tel. +1 (786) 766-5148
Cell +1 (786) 375-1334
Skype: guillermo.pacheco77

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