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Looking for PREMIUM TRAFFIC for news articles!

Hi all!
We are one of the largest social news magazines in the world, within the top 150 websites globally (Alexa Ranking) and we are looking for affiliate networks to join our program and drive traffic from US, UK, CA, AU, NZ only to our news articles.

We pay on a CPM model, up to $20 CPM per article with a cap at $500 per article.

Compensation varies based on:
- Number and success of articles shared, where success is defined as number of readers actually reading the articles shared.
- Type of topics and categories.
- Validation of traffic quality (no spam)

Payments are processed on a monthly basis.

You must use our internal platform, no exceptions.

From our platform you will be able to track your performances, manage and request payment as well as access a full list of all our articles. You will have the freedom to choose whichever articles you want to bring traffic to.

Interested individuals please Skype: kl1610