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SellerMohamed Yasar Arafath
VerticalsAdult, Beauty, Casino Gambling, Games
SourcesDisplay, Email Marketing
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosFrance, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, United Kingdom, United States
High Quality Traffic Available for all geos & verticals

Hi Team,
Greetings to you.Hope you are doing good.
I am Anto working with LeadSense, one of the Leading Networks managing 50,000 websites directly and sell traffic in POP, Banner, Email and Video Pre Roll.We serve over 1 billion impressions every month, also own opt in email list globally and have user managed platform.Our Traffic includes Banner and POP with targeting options like carrier and we also provide macros to track the performance. The verticals we work are Forex, Health, Education, Dating, Adult, Casino, Gaming and Tech Campaigns.
Kindly response with your requirements
Thank you in advance.
Executive - Sales
Skype : media_sales19
Webmail :