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Ian LeighfieldBuyerIan Leighfield
VerticalsE-commerce, Finance, Mobile content, Tech
SourcesDisplay, Rating Sites, Social Media, Other
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAustralia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States
AntiVirus Offer

Who out there is promoting AntiVirus or similar download products? Or looking to promote something as a MEdiabuyer or to monetise their own traffic - Thank You pages etc,,,

We have a great new offer, high paying (Biggest in industry)- Most GEO's accepted, and looking for new Mediabuyers/Promoters in all verticals. We allow POP/Display/Native/PPC - you name it, we have a flow. + If you host your own content, we can easily provide a tracking download link and full backend tracking.

Lets connect - Ian.leighfield < Skype!