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Winnie OuyangSellerWinnie Ouyang
VerticalsApps, Fashion, Games
SourcesDisplay, Non-Incent, Pop Up/Under, RTB, Video
GeosChina, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Tanzania, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Selling Pop Up/Under and Banner Traffic on CPM! Yeahmobi DSP with lager and good traffic for Worldwide!

1. Self-served DSP: run and optimize campaigns all by yourself;

2. 40+ banner ADXes, including Mopub, Pubmatic, Nexage, Mobfox, Smaato, etc;

3. Pop up/under traffic- admaven and easymob doing well in many geos;

4. Various targeting dimensions: Ad exchange, Geos, carrier and so on;

5. Banner, JS tag, pop, video traffic are all available.

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