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BuyerSinan Ağacık
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
Be careful about Webome!!!!


We have been providing unique impressions to Webome for a while. However, we could not receive the payment which is pretty a lot of money. This company's media buyer is Matteo Henriksson. If he contacts to you, be careful. He will request unique impressions for his client called "Miofuse".

The company is located in Sweden. Official address of the company is:
Mäster Samuelsgatan 60,
Stockholm 111 21, Sweden

Furthermore, billing address and company name are different. Billing address is Belize and they have other names as well to hide their scam. Their other company names are; Santerina LP and Akirix LLC.

Also I want to share Matteo's email address too:

Please do not make any business with Webome and Matteo.