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BuyerPriyanka Divay
GeosUnited States
Looking for Desktop Video Ad Inventory

Hi everyone I am Priyanka Divay from Fuel digital looking for Display banner traffic - I am looking to buy Video desktop traffic
Video Inventory
* Inventory Type: Linear Video
* Player Size: Small, Medium, Large
* Geo: US
* Platform: Desktop & Mobile
* Buy Type: Tag & IO based (No Programmatic)  
* Vast/Vpaid
* RON/Direct
Let me know your thoughts on the same. We can also connect on skype on fd_priyankadivay
 Thanks & Regards,
Priyanka Divay
Executive -Business development.
Fuel Digital Media Limited,
85, Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TQ
Phone : +442071934493
Skype: fd_priyankadivay

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