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Mitchell JonesSellerMitchell Jones
VerticalsE-commerce, Fashion, Finance
SourcesDisplay, RTB, Video
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosUnited States
Demand Partners We Are Here For You!! 300+mm

We have direct access to over 300mm impressions from our Pubs and 10+ Exchanges that are looking for direct demand. Our Vertoz DSP is a self-serve platform where you can add funds to your account, create, manage and optimize your desktop/banners, mobile app, video and native campaigns.

We support all standard IAB Static Banners, JS, Friendly iFrames, Brand-safe rotating tags, HTML 5 and Rich media along with a host of targeting options such as Domain Names, Exchanges, Devices, OS, Browsers, Geos, Ad Position etc.

If you have any specific goals to achieve on your campaign, please feel free to reach out to me selecting inventories for running campaign. I'm located in our NYC office near Herald Square and am available to meet in person. You can contact me through this email ID or add me on Skype as SkypeMitchellJones