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VerticalsDating, Fashion, Games, Health
SourcesDisplay, RTB
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosIndia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
re: Self-serve DSP - JS Tags, 200 geos, mobile, desktop

Looking for advertisers to launch their campaigns on our self-serve DSP

Demo account: - username: demo / password: demo

100% transparency CPM traffic and report
200+ geos
dynamic CPM
50+ billion ad impressions worldwide
Media: Display (desktop and web), in-app, video, native ads

Targeting: Geolocation, carrier/ISP, connection type,

IAB categories, OS, device model, device type, browser, day parting, IP range, domains white list and black list, daily budget, total budget, frequency capping, traffic delivery speed, etc.,

Creatives accepted: static, rich media, JS tag/HTML available (rotating tags not supported)

Contact me at


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