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Andrei VatcaSellerAndrei Vatca
VerticalsBeauty, Forex/Binary, Make money
SourcesBlogs/Forums, Display, Lead Generation
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAzerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Romania, Spain, Vietnam
CPC/CPM-In House Managed Campaigns

Offering :
In House CPC/CPM Native Managed Campaigns
and full content support
for direct Direct and Affiliate Offers : Make Money/Nutra/Educational
Regions:IT,ES,VN,ID,IN,RO,BG,HU,LATAM,US,UK,FR,GE,AZ and not only!

-Monthly Budgets over 3000 USD
-Direct Offers

-Insights from moderators/Personal Manager
-Full content support
-Full campaign management
-Text,domains,creative optimization done by inside Camp Management Team
-100% chances of positive ROI
-Both traffic retention
-Premium slots available

Please feel free to get in touch at andrei_adnow

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