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Alex RobbinsonBuyerAlex Robbinson
VerticalsBeauty, Health
SourcesAffiliation, Blogs/Forums, Display, Email Marketing, Non-Incent, Social Media
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosCanada, United Kingdom, United States
Direct Nutra SS Offers in the US, CA, IE, UK

We are looking for quality traffic to the product. Love Yourself - diet - Femme Youth - women health (35+) - Secrets of Youth - vitamins - Love for women - Viagra for Women (Libido enhancer)

Femme Youth -SS - Upsell
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Love Yourself -SS - Upsell
Payout: $50 + $20 upsell.
Secrets of Youth -SS - Upsell
Payout: $50 + $20 upsell.
Love for Women -SS - Upsell
Payout: $50 + $20 upsell.

Conversion Point: offer converts on a valid free trial purchase (5$)
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Allowed Methods: Premium Media Buy, Search PPC, Social PPC, Organic Search, Banner Display, Contextual, Email, PPV/CPV, Mobile

Mobile Opt

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