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Data monetization

As an APP developer, we always hope that our APP can bring us more ways to achieve the path, but we have been able to rely more on the advertising SDK to achieve cash, this approach is a big problem is right Our product perception is causing great harm, and more importantly, the SDK service provider simply deducts all of our data value gains throughout the process.
SDK from the start of our APP, we can get all the data of our users, but no one for our part of the data to pay! The The
So I feel like doing that! I want to provide each of our developers with a continuous and stable data to achieve the path, as long as your APP one day data, I pay for your data!
Developer road! Road resistance and long, the process of each of the funds for us are essential! We need to get back every bit of our developer's wisdom, I hope we can make this thing together!
My SKYPE:+86 18520177932

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