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SellerKomal Sanguri
VerticalsE-commerce, Fashion, Health, Insurance
SourcesDisplay, RTB
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAustralia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Self-Serve Advertising Platform for Banner traffic

Xapads is now offering its own White labelled Self Serve platform for media buyers who are looking for high quality banner traffic for desktop and mobile.

Our self-serve platform helps you to control your campaigns as well as our experts can help you to achieve best advertising goals programmatically.

Advertisers can buy, manage, optimize and view data on their campaigns.

Some of the Features :-

100% transparent { as every control in your hand }.
You can set your campaign by yourself through our panel.
Set your targeting, as per your campaign requirement
Paused/Live campaign when you needed.
24X7 support by our tech team.
White Label solution available, if needed.

Add me on skype at komal.sanguri or drop a mail at

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