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Michael LeadTradeBuyerMichael LeadTrade
VerticalsInsurance, Solar
SourcesLead Generation , Non-Incent
GeosUnited Kingdom
Looking to upscale high quality (not quantity) UK Leads in a number of Verticals.

We're testing the waters now to see the opportunities in January from those of you who have yet to work with us. The focus in Q1 for us is;

Credit Reports | Equity Cover | Funeral Cover | Health Insurance | Life Insurance | Solar Cover

We do have other products on our network if you'd like to pitch something else to offer us and we also have our own brands which can be found here

We're one of the leading performance networks for the UK finance and insurance verticals. We're already generating volumes in the thousands, daily, so for us, it's quality (not quantity) which we need. We offer the highest payouts in the industry along with good payment terms. We only work on a CPL basis.

No Co-registration, Co-sponsor or Flat fees please, we're also not looking to buy leads.

For more information please send an e-mail to stating whether you're a media buyer, call centre, both or maybe something else and which vertical(s) you specialise in.