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Santhosh ShrivatsavSellerSanthosh Shrivatsav
VerticalsApps, Dating, E-commerce, Games
SourcesDisplay, Incent, Non-Incent
GeosAustralia, China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam
Looking for premium Publishers? Just have a look!

Let me brief you about what we do and what we're looking for.

1] We specialise in promoting CPI, CPS, CPR Mobile campaigns for both Android and IOS.
2] Strong in the Asian geography for Shopping, entertainment and gaming verticals.

About our traffic Sources:

1] S2S Softsys is Integrated with some High quality app developers who's apps have millions of viewers each day. Through them, we have a track record of obtaining good volume and quality traffic.

2] Collaborating with some globally renowned DSP's and RTB's, We continually obtain the best end users through direct in-app and website traffic.

3] We have currently developed a number of Android Apps in-house, through which we are exponentially obtaining a large volume of users each day.

Are you Interested in knowing more about my sources?
Connect with me:
Skype: live:santhosh.shrivatsav