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VerticalsBeauty, E-commerce, Finance, Health
SourcesPop Up/Under, RTB
GeosUnited States
Cheap RON traffic, up to 2 000 000 daily impressions

I am private media buyer and I can sell up to 2 000 000 daily RON impressions from lower quality traffic sources (mostly pop-unders and expired domains).

~70% of the traffic comes from HQ countries (USA/UK/CA).
All traffic is filtered from proxies/VPN's/bots

This traffic is mostly suitable for increase of visitors and engagement, not for sales or CPA offers.

I am looking for adnetwork or personal buyer, who can buy most of my traffic with direct link (and fallback redirect set-up, if you can't monetize 100% traffic) and pay at least $0.25 CPM on weekly basis.

Please contact me with mymediads message and we will discuss our cooperation opportunities.