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Batuhan AvucanSellerBatuhan Avucan
VerticalsCrypto, Dating, E-commerce, Finance
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosFrance, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
It is time for native ads!


I am Batuhan from Adcash.
Have you tried native ads?

If yes, test Adcash's traffic to see the difference!
If not, I have a brand new ad format to propose to you!

What is the native ad?

The native ad is the format where the advertisement looks like an organic content on the website. It looks, it looks natural, beautiful!

Why better than display?

-You will see the quality of the clicks you are getting.
-Prevents misclicks because of the widget placement.
-Higher performing & quality publishers

The payout is CPC with prepayment. Let's talk the details!

Add me on Skype: