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Daria Sh.BuyerDaria Sh.
VerticalsAdult, Mobile content
GeosArgentina, Belgium, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua
Anyone with i-frame traffic here?

We know it can be hard to find good offers allowing iframe traffic.
If i-frame is what you do and love, you need good paying campaigns that allow magic. Here is the list of what has for you.

AR Juegos Personal (22128)
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BR Rogue Fighter (22125)
CR Download Kolbi (20571)
GT Sexy Portube Claro (22119)
HN Sexy Portube Claro (22121)
IT Magic flow Tim (22126)
NI Sexy Portube Claro (22120)
SV Multi Club Digicel (13337)

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skype: we_daria (Daria WapEmpire)

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