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Ian LeighfieldBuyerIan Leighfield
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Antivirus Software looking for serious traffic

Right you lovely lot, who out here is pushing software/downloads? I know there are some of you still out there...

Our Anti Virus is crushing the competition right now, and we are looking to fill a few internal gaps we have, especially on the PPC and GDN side.

We are paying Huge CPA's for good quality traffic in whatever niche.

Also looking for anyone pushing other types of software currently via any other methods that wanting to get a better payout, and a much nicer affiliate manager. :D

Anyone looking to fill unsold inventory or wanting direct/relevant ads on their sites would also benefit from this - Very high payotus, Multiple languages supported.

Direct affiliates/publishers only please - No networks to place the offer for their pubs.

Hit me up! - Skype - Ian.leighfield