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Lawrence LauBuyerLawrence Lau
GeosBrazil, Canada, Japan, Russian Federation, South Korea
Looking for Android app traffic.

Dear developer,

We have created a new Admob platform for Android pubisher that price each of your daily active user. No matter what kind of monetized way you are using now on your apps, we hope that you can add a new inventory monetized way and don’t need to lose any other one.

About the revenue:
For partners with high-quality traffic,rates are:
 Developed Country: $2 - $3 / 1k DAU every day.
 Development Country: $0.8 - $1.1 / 1k DAU every day.

(All geos are needed!)

All you need to do is registering an account in our company and tracking your revenue in your dashboard at our platform everyday.

Our Website:

Be free to contact us.
Skype: live:2ec223fc0bcb2914

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