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Evelyn GenoudBuyerEvelyn Genoud
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAustria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Traffic for: INT EthereumCode IE, SE, NO, FI, DK, AT, DE, CH, NL, BE, PT, ES, SG, HK, UK

Geo: IE, SE, NO, FI, DK, AT, DE, CH, NL, BE, PT, ES, SG, HK, UK
PO: 400 US$
Flow: CC Submit
Restriction: NO incent / fake cc or users.
user doesnt have to withdraw the deposit Conversion flow: Register in first page, then user needs to fund 250 USD in his fresh account with credit card, conversion fired

In case of fraud users where it is more than 90% of the conversions. For example: Stolen cards, risk rejection, double conversion under the same credit card with different email or IP - The conversion will be scrubbed against a proof from the advertiser.
converts on cc submit (free trial)

If interested, hit me me on Skype: evelyn.genoud

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