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BuyerMonika Kujawa
SourcesAffiliation, Email Marketing, Lead Generation
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosPoland, United Kingdom, United States
Looking for Affiliates / US, UK, PL /

Dear All,

Im looking for Affiliates for our affiliate programme

-We provide a big variety of professional & free promotional tools such as banners, landing pages, iframe`s, email campaigns and more.
-We offer payments up to USD 35 per lead on the Polish market and up to USD 180 per lead on the USA / UK market
-All data about your leads is available in Your Affiliate Panel- the access is in real-time, as the data is refreshed every 15 minutes. You can also monitor your activities via our mobile app (yes, we have one)!
-Enjoy conversion rates of 80-100%

To discuss better conditions and to lead few simulations of your potential earnings please do not hesitate to contact me.

Monika -, m.kujawa_7

Best regards,

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