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BuyerKruti Gogri
VerticalsApps, Education, Finance, Tech
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAustralia, Canada, United States
Looking for traffic on CPM basis.

Q4 is here!!! We all are really excited about it.

I'm Kruti from Bright Mountain Media, an US-based ad network. (

We offer programmatic solutions for display, video & native ads via tag-based & Open RTB.

For Open RTB, we have our own in-house bidder in place and we also use Adkernel.

We work with various demand partners like OpenX, Appnexus, AOL, and many more for display banner & video ads.

We would like to collaborate for Open RTB and video tag based activity.

Connect with me by email or Skype.
Email -
Skype - live:kruti_35

Let's have a successful Q4!!!