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Roman ClickaduSellerRoman Clickadu
VerticalsAdult, Dating, Software
SourcesPop Up/Under, Video
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosBrazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, United States, Vietnam
Perfect HQ live traffic available for Direct/In-house offers

Greetings,dear partners! Look forward to promote our BEST traf:

- we are buying HQ traffic direct from DSPs
- we have only direct integration with all the web sites
- the traf is indeed direct, hot, highly convertible
- we do not resell,no bots

Traffic available : popunder/pushup/preroll (video)

Verticals: dating / adult / sortware / vpn / tools / apk / shopping,social,game,delivery apps / push notification subs

Feel free to ping me anytime:

Skype: roman clickadu (live:roman_5294), Linkedin: roman brashovianu

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards, Roman