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VerticalsCasino Gambling, Crypto, Finance, Forex/Binary
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PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosUnited Kingdom
50 million 2018 shelf database files

Hi Guys
I holding many countries leads and I like to clean my stoke for new stoke.

I'm selling file of 1million per country.
price asking 2500 - 3500 euro per 1 million records.
got over 50 files ( 50 million records )
ready to be a sale.

if you running a call center it can be a great product for your team.

records from 2018
all the records including full name, mobile, country, email etc.
in some, you have client balance or deposit amount etc.

countries I have in records

united kingdom, Spain, Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia Federation, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Israel, GCC countries, China, Japan, Eygpt, Portugal, all South America Latin countries,

and more
feel free to check with me the country you after.


joy-vagner (media solution )