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Thomas ClarkBuyerThomas Clark
VerticalsApps, Auto, Crypto, Software
SourcesAffiliation, Email Marketing, Pop Up/Under, Other
GeosGermany, United States
buy installations on a desktop

I will buy installations on a desktop.
I have an exe file or doc file.
I need a unique installation of one of these 2 files.
All that is needed is for people to be real, not bots and non-virtual machines. They need to download the file and run it.

I'm interested in publishers who download individual installations. Publishers who download 5-10 files at a time are not interesting.

I'm interested in publishers who can make at least 500 installations per day. If you do less, you are not interested in me.

We do not pay in advance large amounts, you do the test for free or for a small amount.

We have a large budget and large volumes. Write me on Skype with your suggestions
live: flagid.co_suc8m