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Adriel BoudvilleSellerAdriel Boudville
VerticalsMobile content
SourcesDisplay, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , RTB, Search Engine, Social Media, Other
GeosGhana, Greece, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand
Direct Advertiser Looking for Traffic

Just a brief introduction, Axora Media is a Mobile Subscription Content Provider. We have worked and gained confidence and trust from telecommunication companies across 35 countries to provide quality mobile contents.

As we are looking to expand our business, we are currently looking for potential partnershi . Kindly refer below to see how we can have a mutually beneficial partnership.
What we can offer you:-

- In-House Offers for GEOS such as Greece, Thailand , Sri Lanka , Malaysia , Ghana and more
- On-Time Payment Period/ Methods – Net 15/30
- Above the Market Rate Payouts for all our Offers

If there are any intrest : kindly contact me on skype - adriel_353

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