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VerticalsBeauty, Games, Surveys, Sweepstakes
SourcesAffiliation, Database, Display, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , Pop Up/Under, Social Media
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
Looking for traffic

I'm working at Cube Group, digital marketing agency from Poland. We are looking for traffic in our geo for certain campaigns in CPS, CPL and CPO model:
African Mango900 CPS 25%
Green Coffee Plus CPS 22%
Mirapatches CPO 10 USD
Crossout CPL 2 PLN
War Thunder CPL 2 PLN
Cellactiv CPS 22%
Triapidix CPS 22%
Prolesan CPO 10 USD
Flexa Plus CPO 12 USD
Miralash CPS 22%
Cellinea CPS 22%
Black Latte CPO 9,5 USD
AntiSmog Spray CPS 26%
Please, contact me on Skype: eboltralik_4

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