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Ukrit NatificoBuyerUkrit Natifico
VerticalsApps, Dating, Games, Software
SourcesAffiliation, Blogs/Forums, Co-registration, Email Marketing, Pop Up/Under, Other
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAustralia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russian Federation, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
Looking for affiliates on Downloads, Software and Extensions!


I am a partner relationship manager from Natifico. We are looking for affiliates to join us and make money!
We have offers that are making $1k a day.

Here are our top performing campaigns!

-Software, update Flash player
Geo: US
OS: Mac, Browser: Safari
id 545 US $7,7
id 1027 US $6,35
id 872 US $6,3

-Software, update Flash player
Geo: FR $1,85
OS: Mac, Browser: Safari
id 305

-Push acquisition
Geo: SA $0,68 IT $0,24 AU $0,88 FR $0,24 CA $0,68 SE $0,68 KZ $0,04 US $0,4 AT $0,4 TH $0,06 AE $0,4
OS: Android
Browser: Chrome/Samsung browser
Device: Mobile
id 978 (adult)

-Software, update Flash player
OS: Mac
Browser: Safari ( + Firefox)
Geo: US $6,2 GB $2,9
id 517

-Extension, VideoConverter
Geo: PK $0,5 SA $0,5 EG $0,19 DZ $0,27 NP $0,1 ZA $0,65 CN $0,1
OS: Windows (+ Mac)
Browser: Chrome
id 1061

- Mobile, utilities
OS: android
Device: mobile
Geo: IN