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Vladislav ZavarykinSellerVladislav Zavarykin
VerticalsAdult, Casino Gambling, Dating, Forex/Binary
SourcesPop Up/Under
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosEstonia, Finland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
AdHub is looking for NATIVE / POP / DSP partners!

πŸš€ Hi over there!

We are looking for new advertisers and partners, who is keen to buy native and pop traffic on CPC/CPM basis.

❓Why AdHub?

Adhub Advertising Network - is an international media company.

There is a few of our key indicators:

Partners: 22 000+
Areas: 43 000+
Campaigns: 10 000+

We have been working since 2010y and growing every day. We work with all types of traffic, geo and verticals.

πŸ’ͺ What we offer

- You can buy traffic via our Self-Service Panel, API, RTB or a turn-key basis with the help of our managers.
- Popunder and native formats are available .
- Gambling, Adult, Mainstream traffic is available.
- Our traffic comes both from internal network (own sites) and partner's networks.

πŸ€™ Contact

You can connect with us using the following:

Website: mymediads
Telegram: adhubnetwork
Skype: adhub_ru

We look forward to building a strong business relationship in the future πŸ™

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