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BuyerYasin A.
SourcesAffiliation, Blogs/Forums, Display, Email Marketing, Rating Sites, Search Engine, Social Media, Video
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosUnited States
Buying Domestic and International Flight Booking Calls

We are buying Flight Booking Calls

Domestic Flight Booking Campaign

-Buffer 60 Seconds
-Payout $12
-10:30 AM To 9:30 PM EST
-Monday To Sunday

International Flight Booking Campaign (USA Outbound)

-Buffer 60 Seconds
-Payout $18
-USA outbound International flights
-10:30 AM To 9:30 PM EST
-Monday To Sunday

If you can generate 20 billable calls daily, Please contact me via Skype or Email.

Skype ID: yasinarafat222