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SellerParnika Singhal
VerticalsAuto, Education, Holiday-Travel, Real Estate
SourcesAffiliation, Co-registration, Database, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , Social Media, Video
GeosBahrain, India, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
Looking For Branding Campaigns

Hello Everyone,

We are looking for Branding Campaigns based out in GCC, Southeast Asia, and India.

We have High-quality traffic for CPM, CPC, CPV campaign.

Active Geos: UAE, QA, SG, ID, OM, KW, BH, SA, IN, MY, PH,

Inventory Medium: Emailer, Display, Native, Pop-up, PopUnder, Programmatic.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPV

Ping me up on skype for fastest communication- Parnika.singhal1996

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