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Chi LeeSellerChi Lee
VerticalsAdult, Dating, Games
SourcesAffiliation, Display, Email Marketing, Pop Up/Under
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosCanada, United Kingdom, United States
HQ Members Area Traffic - VIPOffers Dating/Games/VOD

I head the Members Area traffic for VIPOffers.  We are known for our Adult Dating, Games, Cams and VOD Paysites and we own all of our offers 100%.
All of our traffic goes only to our Members, so the quality is high.  We are also very careful in regards to how much we message them to keep conversion levels at their peak.
Here is a brief rundown of what we have available.  Based on what interests you we can discuss volume levels:
* Dating Push
* Games Push - Tier One Geos - OR - Tier One and Two Geos
* Popunders
* Logout Redirects
* VOD Paysites BackButton – Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3
We also have Banner inventory in our Members Area pages*:
* Desktop 728x90
* Desktop 160x600
* Mobile 300x100
* Mobile 300x250
Please note = We do restrict Dating and Cam advertising in these banner zones, but other offers should be ok (VOD, Nutra, etc).
Please let me know what interests you and let me know some more details about what you are looking to promote.  Thanks!