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Samrath GuptaBuyerSamrath Gupta
VerticalsAdult, Dating
SourcesDisplay, Lead Generation , Pop Up/Under, Other
GeosAfghanistan, Albania, Cambodia, Cameroon
Got traffic? Work With Direct ADVERTISER!

My name is Samrath Gupta and I am a Senior Affiliate Manager at Haka.Mobi (Part of MoboBeat).

We are a direct advertiser for CPA mVAS campaigns. We are interested in driving more traffic to our top-performing offers and below are our campaign details:

With Lander:

Without Lander:

Our Top-performing GEOs (As of now) are CO, LK, PK and DZ with payout ranging from $0.12 to $0.15 and it can go up to $0.24 depending on the Quality and Volume.

If you have traffic for any specific country then we can open our offer for that specific country.

If you're interested, I would love to set up a quick chat so we can discuss the details.

PS: All traffic accepted Mainstream , Adult . Works on all cariers inlcluding wifi. Type a message

Best Regards,
Samrath Gupta (Sam)
Senior Affiliate Manager, Haka.Mobi
Skype: samrath.gupta