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How To Spot a Scammer

We are no longer providing our offer in mymediads due to the highest amount of scam and fraud we've seen. Just out of interest we approved all and witnessed, here is a manual how to spot a fraud.

* Fake names
- US names turned into non US Names when paying in paypal.
- People represented companies that are not theirs. like XLMedia or VyprVPN, etc.

* Paypal fraud
- Promise you a refund if all gets wrong, your wire is on hold, and they ask you to approve you "received the services", so you can't get a refund
- Saying they can't refund, showing a fake screen from paypal.
- Instead a refund they will send you money to your account, just to ask paypal a refund due to "undelivered services".

* Business
- Asking for "Pre-Payment" trying to maximize day 1 instead of looking for business.
- Need to "cover" expenses.
- Offering a $100k/m deal & wll NOT talk over phone

* Files Fraud
- Offering high CPI with a real file (not theirs), and switch to malicious.