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Alina KasprykSellerAlina Kaspryk
VerticalsFinance, Health, Insurance, Sports Betting
SourcesDisplay, Non-Incent, Video
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosIndonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Native Traffic Supplier Globally

Native Traffic & Push direct Inventory
the best for media buyers
TH MY ID VN PH USA CA Nordic DE UK CZ ES LATAM Desktop & Mobile

♦Beauty&health (Nutra) ♦Trading ♦ Insurance, Loans ♦ e-commerce♦ Dating, ♦ Shopping ♦ Sweepstakes ♦ Utilities, Services

📌 NATIVE and Video Ads, premium push traffic.
📌 Desktop / mobile web
📌 CPA/CPL optimization
📌 24/7 support.
📌 Additional Creatives

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