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Mihai TolbaruSellerMihai Tolbaru
VerticalsAuto, Beauty, Casino Gambling, Sports Betting
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
Direct Publisher ( top 20 websites in RO)


I'm looking to sell our 300+ million inventory on a CPM basis.
Only direct buyers, no networks ( if you are a network you are wasting time for both of us).

Who we are and what we do:
1. Biggest publisher in RO ( top 20 websites)
2. Our traffic sources: ONLY SEO ( over 10 years on the market)
3. 90% EN speaking audience.
4. Verticals: nutra, lifestyle, sports, betting tips, healthcare, IT and telecom, gossip, mainstream media, news and financials

For more info, PM me!

Thanks and have a great day!

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