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Push n Pops YEESSHHSellerPush n Pops YEESSHH
VerticalsAdult, Casino Gambling, Dating, Software
SourcesPop Up/Under
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAustralia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States
We have exclusive traffic!

Hello everyone!

I am Eliza from Yeesshh.

We have POP traffic on CPM and Push on CPC and we work with prepayments (also accessible via self serve) with which you can target any campaign across the globe.

Traffic comes from our publishers (mobile and desktop). We give full disclosure on where you are displayed. You can target whatever time frame, OS, device, or carrier.

We cover any geo you need, knowing that the biggest ones being the usual suspects: Europe, US, UK and other anglo-speaking.

We always add a performance tracker on CPM campaigns (so we can optimise your campaign lively) and work with prepayment terms.

Test it on:

This month we also have a special promotion for new registrations.

Feel free to ping me for more info!

Skype: Eliza | Yeesshh

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