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BuyerArpit Sood
VerticalsApps, E-commerce, Games
SourcesIncent, Non-Incent
GeosIndia, United States
Looking Traffic For Direct Offers

Hello All,

I am looking for Quality Traffic for Direct Campaign.

Hotstar Android CPT IN Non-incent
KFC UAE CPT Android & iOS Non Incent
Smooth Wheel US iOS CPI IN Non Incent
Mcdelivery CPT IN Android Non Incent 11705
Paytm Games CPI Apk Android IN Non Incent
Khatabook Android Non-incent IN KPI -11521
Mcdonalds CPR IN City Android non Incent GAID mandatory - 8004
Amazon IN Android CPE Non Incent - 11550
1MG CPFT IOS Non-incent IN 11513
1MG CPFT Android Non-incent IN 11512
Spencers CPT IN Android Non Incent 11434
Banggood iOS CPT WW Non Incent -11386
Bangood Android Non-incent CPT WW -11383
PizzaHut CPT Android IN Non Incent - 11265