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Shiraz AliSellerShiraz Ali
VerticalsEducation, Mobile content, Software, Tech
SourcesAffiliation, Display, Lead Generation , Pop Up/Under, Search Engine, Social Media
BasisCPA, CPC, CPI, PPC, PPI, Rev/Share
GeosCanada, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

Hi All,
Looking to offer Via xml feed.
Adult, Mainstream, Push notification.
On CPC & CPM pricing module.

Geos: Tier 1 & Tier 2

whats up guys i have huge ammount of desktop traffic from Geos-US,UK,CA,&AU.
looking for chrome browser extensions to pc installer ppi bandle offer cpi cpa
if you want to have a fair deal

Those who can work on per payments, Kindly add me over Skype :-shiraz4448
Email Address :