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Thumb pic fox1 avatarSeller
VerticalsCasino Gambling
SourcesPop Up/Under
BasisCPM, dCPM
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
CROSS-FUNCTIONAL traffic on CPM for sale

Mediahub is a self-serving RTB DSP that allows
you full control on what/when to buy media (on a CPM).

AUDITED traffic.
Direct publishers. Desktop & mobile.
Ad units: pop-under & banner (5 sizes)

We run 2 TYPES of campaigns ones that
convert on a LEAD & ones that convert on a DEPOSIT.

All verticals from Safe For Work to Not Safe For Work.

We are especially good at running gambling (sportsbook, casino, lottery & bingo), dating, gaming, finance, e-commerce, forex, binary, software, technology, lifestyle & tech support.

OS targeting: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows,
Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone.
BROWSER targeting: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari.

INVENTORY page with all the details is available
+ advanced targeting options, sub_ID, Postback pixel, over 107 ineffective ISPs for blocking & numerous Macro parameters.

SIGN UP - http://www.mediahub.com/advertiser-signup/4780/