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VerticalsBeauty, E-commerce, Education, Fashion
SourcesDatabase, Email Marketing
GeosBelgium, France, Italy, Spain
Looking for Database Managment in ITALY

Audience Labs has the expertise to define and implement your strategy and animated your email database monetization.
We offer a basic monetization email DataBase in Full Service mode:
We fully take over the management of email Database entrusted to us, releasing you from any operational involvement:
• Marketing: We select the most profitable campaigns and more suited to your Database profiles.
• Exploitation: our proprietary routing solution optimizes deliverability and manages real-time unsubscribes, bounces and unactive.
• Optimization: Our data mining algorithm (Leadminute.com) enriches your data over time, in order to maximize profitability and optimize the transformation while managing marketing pressure.
• Profitability: We know the top 50 most profitable campaigns in the market
• Reporting: We give you access to detailed reports that show the performance of operations conducted and profitability of campaigns.

For more informations feel free to contact me.

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