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Messi MasinoSellerMessi Masino
SourcesSocial Media
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosAustralia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela
I will promote your crypto project on our youtube channel

Welcome to my gig.

We are new, so we need to perform best.

We started small and getting bigger.

We are working on our Cryptocurrency Youtube channel and we offer to promote your any Crypto project on our channel as a FULL DEDICATED VID.

Natural , or AI voiceover review of your crypto, at least 8 minutes.
Links under uploads and links in a pinned comment.
Links in social media. for better performance
End screen in future content of your crypto project for better performance.
Lifetime exposure for a one-off payment.

Channel reached 3700 subs in 4 months and growing. For every upload, in first 4 days, it gets unique 500 - 1000 views and later grows.

For better performance, we always promote our uploads in social media.

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