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Ronnie MattBuyer

We are looking for tech publishers/networks who can drive us direct calls or traffic on CPM/CPC basis from UK. Both pay-per-call or traffic networks are welcome.

Key Things:
-We are a direct advertiser & have been into business from many years.
-Traffic should be real. No Bots.
-Should have macro/parameter tracking option.
-Good spending budget capacity on daily basis,
however we would like to start with minimum budget
to test the traffic for 1 or 2 days.
-Self Serves are much better option.

If interested, contact me on skype: live:ronnie.matt
Available during 9am to 6pm London time. thx

**fake pubs, or dealers pls stay away. Need only genuine real players. SupportSeller 📍 Intelligent Advertising For Progressive Businesses.

An Innovative Self-Serve Advertising Platform. Focus On Results, Conversations, And ROI.

Achieve a new level of success. We offer real-time statistics, advanced targeting options, CPMv based billing, and advanced campaign optimization. Take control today!

We work on CPM basic for Native Ads & Display Ads and CPV for popups.
Our minimum CPM is $0.10 and for CPV is our minimum $0.001.

Our advertising platform serves over 7,75 BILLION impressions Daily from over 180 countries.

5+ billion Display ad opportunities daily. (CPM)
2+ billion Native ad opportunities daily. (CPM)
750+ million Popup/Popunder ad opportunities daily. (CPV)

We offer popunder, popup, interstitial ads, native ads, mobile & display banner ads.

Sign up Now at
ONLY Prepaid

Ana SimicBuyer

Hi There,

I am looking for Desktop Display Traffic To promote our in house developed 2 in 1 solution software that is from PC Optimizer/ AV solution vertical
Also looking for bundling partners for PC Utility software.
If you have desktop display or installer traffic, please reach out both Skype/email:

Oleg InstallCommerceSeller

Offering Quality (PPI) Pay-Per-Install at 80 Cents - 1 USD Per Install. Apply at or Visit

All Install are Unique and from Targeted Geo. Other Geo's shall not be counted. Advertiser can track installs from dedicated panel.



We have developed lots of Windows tools that are quite famous in their fields. And we are looking for a serious company that is willing to bundle their product with our installers on PPI basis.

These are the requirements for your products:
- NO Chrome blocking with Google Safe Browsing
- Zero Antivirus detection

If there is anyone here interested in serious cooperation fulfilling the requirements above please message us.

Alan LeeBuyer

Hi Dear,
I'm looking for HQ PPI traffic basis on PC. The main geos are: USA ,UK, DE ,TR, KOR, PL,and JP.
if you have please don't hesitate to contact me. Skype id: contact_67550
Don't accept prepayment, can do weekly pay.
Looking forward to working with you.

Daniel BrokmanSeller

I'm looking for offer cpi windows. By all popular geos.
If you are a partner or a direct employer and you have such an offer, please write me a private message.
I suggest installing software on an industrial scale.

Ad Pioneers PublishersBuyer

Monetize your traffic at some of the best and highest payouts in the industry. With facilities like daily and weekly payouts we require traffic for the following verticals

1. Mobile Apps
2. Casino/Gambling
3.Games & Software
4. Travel & Tourism

We will buy traffic on CPI, CPS, CPS, PPI & Rev-Share
Publishers Contact us on the following URL and someone from our team will get back to you asap.

Jame SmithSeller

I selling traffic Smartlink all geos to net weekly or net3 or daily ! If you need traffic pls ping ! on skype : jamesmith1202 ! thanks

Adpioneers AdvertisersSeller

We have the best traffic available for your products in the following verticals:

1. Mobile Apps
2. Casino/Gambling
3.Games & Software
4. Travel & Tourism

Get traFfic on CPI, CPM, CPS, CPS, PPI & Rev-Share
Advertisers Contact us on the following URL and someone from our team will get back to you asap.


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smith jacobSeller

i have good traffic for Desktop installer . FF , Chrome , IE i have good experience last 3 years .
now already some ppi network work and i can give u good install provide . any one interested need a extension and Rev-share - bundle promote ping me ..
Only Ping me - Pre-Paid user .. thanks

Ksenia Voznesenskaya Seller

Looking for establishing long-term partnerships with advertisers on the exclusive basis.

Please feel free to ping me on e-mail/Skype :

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bhagwati PandeySeller

Hello All,

We are an ad network and have traffic in pop / pop under format, we work on selling traffic on cpm basis mainly, though we are open to sell traffic for smart link as well.

Anyone who can utilize traffic for smart link with frequent payment options are welcome to contact me to discuss further on this opportunity.

Skype : GAMsupport

Bhagwati Pandey

Rhea Anne AdimBuyer

Hi everyone! Tractas is looking for publishers and networks to run our DIRECT and EXCLUSIVE global CPI/CPA/CPL/CPR/PPI campaigns in all verticals with HIGHEST PAYOUTS!

Let’s get in touch and discuss this great opportunity via Skype or email. Ping me!
Skype: live:raaskype

Salman AliBuyer


We are looking for worldwide Genuine install traffic Of (PPI ,CPI) If You Have So Please Contact Me I WIll Give You Maximum Price Per Install With Weekly Payment But I Would Say Again Genuine Install.

Here Is My Website
My Skype ID live:mohdsalmanqazi
Contact No : + 91 9058786547

Daniel BrokmanBuyer

I'm interested in these popular offers Clean PC Pro 2018, Driver Updater.

this is their site:

Who knows the contacts of direct advertisers?
Send me a private message, pls

gusta kadakBuyer

Hi, I want to warn everybody !!!

Stand away from the cheating company ADAMOADS.

I sent them banner traffic for 2 months, I earned 1622 euro. It’s been 3 months. I still can not get my money.I’ve written to live: ivana_1491 Ivana ADAMO many times to ask for my money, but he has been constantly cheating me. On top of that, I wrote a person named skype: diederikvanschaik Diederik ADAMO Ads, and he stalled me all the time. The person I know to be a company owner, skype: judyvanschaik Judy van Schaik Shalom | ADAMO Ads repeatedly asked me to add Skype, but did not add me to skype.I can send my skype correspondence to the entrants. You can see how disrespectful and fraudulent they are in skype correspondence.Please think again before you work with ADAMOADS.Do not allow your traffic to be stolen by ADAMOADS !!!Diederik he told me, I will send payment 3 january. He lied to me. 1 month passed, still not paid
I can give you Skype interviews and earnings reports

riya robinSeller

i want to sell desktop traffic
bundles of install

Kalvin JudeSeller


We are providing PPi bundle installs + Tech support software


I am selling PPI traffic for extension and installers my top geosa are usa and uk

Stanislav SBuyer

We are DSP with in-house Media Buying Team.
We are ready to buy desktop and mobile traffic for these countries: RU, TH, LV, KZ, LT, EE, BY, VN, CH, PT, GR, BR and in the near future we will increase the coverage of countries.
We buy popunder (mobile+desktop), banner (mobile+desktop), native (mobile+desktop) of different sizes via openRTB 2.3-2.5. We will also gladly try other formats.

Our budgets and speed of connection will pleasantly surprise you!

More information about us in skype: live:stanislav.s_7


Almost 150k installs WorldWide and dozens of clean and nice offers for your installer, flexible Windows, browser and other targetings. Minimum bid is just $0.05 per install. Ping me on skype: wappoff


I am Searching for new deals i do both things buy and sell traffic selling for only ppi traffic
mainly i have traffic for extensions and installers
cantact me if you are searching for desktop traffic thank you

please send me your skype so I cxan add you as a contact

Anish .Seller

Have Tons of European Geo Install. Mobile & Desktop Both.

Viktor TopDollarDatingBuyer

We pay for your traffic on PPL SOI unrestricted basis.
Any age 18+ we pay for unconfirmed email too
We pay weekly every Friday
Online support on skype during weekends and holidays also
Referral program availible more income for you
S2S & postback availible
web page :
skype : Viktor TopDollarDating
email :


Hi , Can anyone suggest me any genuine PPI service providers in the group ? I am tired of dealing with scammers. Is there any genuine person/company who can provide PPI or CPI services. Please ping me on skype : eric.dawson110

Adrian WellingtonSeller

Looking for Direct/Exclusive CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, PPI for Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

Tractas is a Global Online Performance Marketing Agency for Mobile & Desktop Devices.

Please email/skype me: so we can touch-base


Hi Everyone
Warm greetings from POP YOUR ADS,
It is a pleasure to e-meet you. I work with POP YOUR ADS, a fast growing online advertising company based in Singapore. I wanted to get in touch with you to explore and see if there are opportunities to test your traffic.
We will monetize your traffic and make prompt payments.To proceed further, I would like to know the volume of traffic in Banner, Video, and Email that you have. If you have a media kit, kindly can share it with me.I am also happy to discuss with you further for the strategic partnership. Let me know if we can talk this week.
The best way to reach me is on Skype and Email. I have also shared all my contact details with you.
Best Regards,

Anto Reagan | Account Manager,
Pop your Ads Private Limited
Skype : live:anto_2534
Email :
Web :

Zhoung Tony HuzngSeller

Hellp , I have more traffic for all geos ! I need big network and AM support good . Give me campaign and payment good ! We will run for you high volumes !