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Hi This is Noah roy
We are looking high quality PPI windows installs/traffic.
Our company is looking only for direct publishers
We are not going to cooperate with resellers and we have clean offers not have single malware detection do not waste our time and do not contacts reseller.
For all questions, please write us personal messages.

Best regards
Noah Roy
Skype: live:.cid.9f52fa8287724abd
Telegram: @payperinstall

Alex BowBuyer

Serious advertiser looking for US, EU, MIX installations. I am willing to pay more than competitors installation. You need a lot and on an ongoing basis.
Contact me at the contacts below.
My Telegramm - @alexbow4567
My Skype - live:.cid.8cbf2183b86484ec


Direct advertiser I pay consistently, according to our statistics, payments in any currency minimum amount of $ 10 are redeemed without delay in all countries

Skype: live:.cid.cf32bd61afa614a1


I buy without prepayment !!!! Scammers do not write I do not give money in advance !!!!

Maikl StivenSeller We are engaged in incentive installs to increase the app positions on the market for keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that users enter into the search field on Google Play or AppStore to find the particular app. They are also called "search queries" or “search requests”.

How does the promotion on our platform work? When you press “Start” at the keyword campaign, a pull of users from targeted locations gets the task to search for your application by a certain word or phrase (you choose it creating the campaign) and to install it. They search, download, and open the application. After that, motivated people keep the application on the devices from 1-14 days. With the help of this promotion your app can move from 250 position to the top-3. As a result, the app becomes more noticeable for organic users, who may use this keyword, so it may bring you more organic installs.

for all questions write: DSP Ad NetworkSeller

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We are integrated with 150+ top ad networks to access their premium traffic, where we have categorised the traffic in 300+ different verticals.

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I will buy all your MIX, USA, EU installations for my legal white exe file.
I buy regularly on an ongoing basis we work according to my statistics payments on request at any time bank card , crypto,paypal all pay
offer clean 24/7

Jay SuraniSeller

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Unique installsSeller

Hi If you need traffic let me know I have unique installs direct from premium Crack software-based own websites single hand installs (PPI) worldwide looking for direct Advertiser having for long term corporation only, i can provide some test installs to direct advertisers,

Skype: live:.cid.f3cfec84c7e7e15c
Teligram: @uniqueads1

Aron InstallsBuyer

We are looking for US, EU, MIX installations. I am willing to pay more than competitors installation.
We are appointing publishers for quality installs.
Scammers & fake brokers may excuse.
Our terms & policies we are working daily payment
Contact us : live:.cid.b605c017fb98395f
Teligram @uniqueinstall

Alex CuertovBuyer

A serious-minded advertiser is looking
for US, EU, MIX Installations.
My prices for one installation:
● WW = 0.03-0.04$
● EU = 0.05-0.08$
● US = 0.06-0.1$
Before work, you should give me a small free installation test so that I can check your quality!
I work without prepayment to protect myself from fraud
I only use Skype and Telegram for communication: live:.cid.2301a217bc205e25

Amir BerkovitchSeller

A search redirect engine,
Redirecting searches from one search box to the other one, user search on one page site and get the results on other page site.

A demo software


Hi everyone,

I am a direct advertiser and I am looking for quality unique installs for my own offer, we can pay you higher rates in the whole market for WW we also can buy any volumes if quality suits us, we need a test before we make an upfront payment, I Strictly writing do not message me if you can't provide test, contact me on skype

Skype: live:.cid.fc6b4e9d425245af


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Ben ParkSeller


I'm from Mainwhile network. we have real High quality PPI traffic.
We are looking for genuine PPI offers for distribution on our network.
If you have serious product with Good website, monetization method etc then reach me through skype for discussing possibilities.

Following product owners are welcome: Software, game, media, extensions.

Payment terms: Pre-payment
Minimum amount to start: $100

Requirements: Should be Registered company with Real product and with real monetization etc.



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Peter InstallerSeller

Hey i am peter installer. We have best quality ppi traffic and goid volume Daily. We give you 50 to 100 install test
Geos = US / CA / EU / WW / other all.
If you are interested ping me on Skype, = live:.cid.e2fcdcf03083910e

Oliver MaxSeller

We have high quality ppi traffic if you are interested ping me on
Skype = live:.cid.9abd96bdc390bdc9
Telegram = @Olivermax14

Ozelka LeeSeller

we have ppi desktop install. our traffic come from crack website. and we looking for direct advertiser.
plese contact only direct advertiser.we did not work with resellers. ping me on Skype = live:.cid.8885473a464c5090
telegram @ole112

Rism NaomiSeller

Are you an Affiliate?

Do you provide traffic for Dating, Sweepstakes, Forex, Crypto, Tech Support, App install looking for Fast payment, weekly payment, daily payment?

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Great StyleSeller

Hey you
Yes you.No need to spend thousands of dollars on traffic
Because we bring to your finger tips The Best Traffic Sources at their Cheapest price
But they are limited offer due to their low pricing
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Oliver MaxSeller

We have the best quality
Ppi bundle traffic. We gave you 100 to 50 install test . If you Are intrest ping me on
Skype = live:.cid.9abd96bdc390bdc9
Telegram = @Olivermax14

Estcott JoySeller

I am Estcott , we have Quality Traffic in US CA, EU, WW,
We are looking for Good converting bundle offer
we have 200 to 500 US CA install
And For EU 1k+ Daily
WW 20k daily
we need clean offer
we can do Few install test like 50 to 100 test install but its not free
test install on post pay then prepay only
we are looking for direct advertisers reseller also welcome
so if anyone need this kind or traffic ping me
Also need Publisher for Own installer

Skype - live:.cid.22f27d07ecae2ab5

thanks Estcott,


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