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Froggy AdsSeller

▪️ Super Cheap HQ Pop-under or Pop-up traffic
▪️ Target: 250+ GEO's
▪️ Niche: 200+ Verticals
▪️ Devices: Desktop, Tablet or Phones
▪️ Daily volume: 500+ million pageviews
▪️ Minimum price: CPM $0.10
▪️ Minimum daily budget: $50
▪️ Minimum deposit: $100
▪️ Payment: PayPal, Bitcoins and Bank wires
▪️ Payment terms: Prepaid

We are only selling to direct links.

We only accept landing pages there are legal and without popups.

We set up the campaign for you on our platform.

You can't signup, You have to contact us on Skype id: live:froggyads

When You contacts us on Skype please tell us You have seen this thread.

Team FroggyAds.com

FroggyAds.com SupportSeller

https://FroggyAds.com 📍 Intelligent Advertising For Progressive Businesses.

An Innovative Self-Serve Advertising Platform. Focus On Results, Conversations, And ROI.

Achieve a new level of success. We offer real-time statistics, advanced targeting options, CPMv based billing, and advanced campaign optimization. Take control today!

We work on CPM basic for Native Ads & Display Ads and CPV for popups.
Our minimum CPM is $0.10 and for CPV is our minimum $0.001.

Our advertising platform serves over 7,75 BILLION impressions Daily from over 180 countries.

5+ billion Display ad opportunities daily. (CPM)
2+ billion Native ad opportunities daily. (CPM)
750+ million Popup/Popunder ad opportunities daily. (CPV)

We offer popunder, popup, interstitial ads, native ads, mobile & display banner ads.

Sign up Now at https://FroggyAds.com
ONLY Prepaid

gusta kadakBuyer

Hi, I want to warn everybody !!!

Stand away from the cheating company ADAMOADS.

I sent them banner traffic for 2 months, I earned 1622 euro. It’s been 3 months. I still can not get my money.I’ve written to live: ivana_1491 Ivana ADAMO many times to ask for my money, but he has been constantly cheating me. On top of that, I wrote a person named skype: diederikvanschaik Diederik ADAMO Ads, and he stalled me all the time. The person I know to be a company owner, skype: judyvanschaik Judy van Schaik Shalom | ADAMO Ads repeatedly asked me to add Skype, but did not add me to skype.I can send my skype correspondence to the entrants. You can see how disrespectful and fraudulent they are in skype correspondence.Please think again before you work with ADAMOADS.Do not allow your traffic to be stolen by ADAMOADS !!!Diederik he told me, I will send payment 3 january. He lied to me. 1 month passed, still not paid
I can give you Skype interviews and earnings reports

Viktor TopDollarDatingBuyer

We pay for your traffic on PPL SOI unrestricted basis.
Any age 18+ we pay for unconfirmed email too
We pay weekly every Friday
Online support on skype during weekends and holidays also
Referral program availible more income for you
S2S & postback availible
web page : https://www.topdollardating.com
skype : Viktor TopDollarDating
email : viktor@topdollardating.com


Immediate Access to the Right Contacts to Every Desired Email List Only With Us
Make your marketing easy and effective by taking advantage of the email marketing services that are accompanied by the well-segmented email lists to target the right prospects wholly and solely from Techno Data Group. We are the most trusted database providers we ensure that you are able to send the right b2b emails to the right buyers at the right mailboxes, which makes us the most preferred b2b marketing firm with respect to the services and in the business campaigns.
Buy, build, and segment the customer information in the Business Email List in no time
Perform the search according to the business type, size, location, title, and others to create
Time To Change – Let's Discuss About Your Campaign
We'd love to spend a few minutes talking about how Techno Data Group can help your business as quickly as possible.
Call us today at: (302) 268 6889 Email us at: sales@technodatagroup.com


Hello Guys,
We have global desktop traffic, windows.
We can work on CPM, CPC, CPI, PPC, PPI etc. and we can drive you pop/display traffic.
If you have software want to get installation, or any page want to promote, just contact me!
No matter you are adult/casino/mainstream offers, we accept them all!

skype: live:2194208462


Shankar SomjaniBuyer

Monetize your traffic at some of the best and highest payouts in the industry. With facilities like daily and weekly payouts we require traffic for the following verticals

1. Mobile Apps
2. Casino/Gambling
3.Games & Software
4. Travel & Tourism

We will buy traffic on CPI, CPS, CPS, PPI & Rev-Share
Publishers Contact us on the following URL and someone from our team will get back to you asap.


FroggyAds.com SupportSeller

https://FroggyAds.com Get full control of our world-class self-serve platform for online advertising where we focus on results, conversion, and ROI.

Need to promote your product, business or mobile app?

Our powerful turnkey solution enables you to easily plan, manage and analyze your advertising campaigns.

The https://FroggyAds.com network is a renowned industry leader.

Every day we deliver over 7 BILLIONS of mobile and desktop ad impressions to billions of potential clients, for more than 185 countries.

We have all kind of ad formats like Popunder, Popup, Intersitial, Native Ads, Mobile and Display Banners.

Our innovative self-serve platform is one of the most cutting-edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. It was created for online business owners, media buyers, affiliate marketers, mobile app developers and anyone there looking for high-quality traffic, sales and app installations.


Adpioneers PublishersSeller

We have the best traffic available for your products in the following verticals:

1. Mobile Apps
2. Casino/Gambling
3.Games & Software
4. Travel & Tourism

Get traFfic on CPI, CPM, CPS, CPS, PPI & Rev-Share
Advertisers Contact us on the following URL and someone from our team will get back to you asap.



Zeus Technologies™Seller

Zeus Technologies™. Pay Per Click PPC Digital Advertising. The Best Alternative To Google Adwords ! https://www.zeustechnologies.com

We have surplus traffic inventory for all verticals, sources, platforms and geos at prices that are up to 90% less expensive than Bing Ads, Facebook Ads And Google Adwords. Pricing starts at 1 penny per click.

For more information and ordering visit https://www.zeustechnologies.com

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Celine TotemBuyer

iStripper looks for new affiliates to promote its strippers on desktops. Plans 50% revshare or up to $1 PPI.

smith jacobSeller

i have good traffic for Desktop installer . FF , Chrome , IE i have good experience last 3 years .
now already some ppi network work and i can give u good install provide . any one interested need a extension and Rev-share - bundle promote ping me ..
Only Ping me - Pre-Paid user .. thanks

Sirius TrafficSeller

Tier 1 traffic for desktop and mobile promotions. Visit https://siriustraffic.com


Buy installs bunddler software US

Kumar GauravBuyer

Hi Guys
I am looking for windows install traffic for my software. People having traffic or install can reach me at Skype- kumar_tech@outlook.com

Kumar GauravBuyer

Need traffic for chrome extension install.
PM@ skype- kgaurav33


Midwife Email List
Marketing to healthcare providers is made easy with the options Techno Data Group has. We can help you reach Healthcare specialty marketing lists and Midwife email & mailing list. Midwife email list is continuously updated with most accurate, quality and verified contacts. Opt for healthcare industry email list to connect with thousands of key healthcare executives, Midwife user's mailing list and decision makers at your fingertips
Today most of the firms are looking for ways to trim their costs and to reach targeted decision makers who has the authority to buy your product or services. By using Techno Data Group contact discovery services you can reach a wide range of key decision makers at Clinics, Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions, Nursing Homes and other healthcare centers located across U.S. to increase sales and make your business more profitable.

Sirius TrafficSeller

Need mobile traffic for your offers? Watch this video: https://mobilemoneymatrix.com/m3tech

riya robinSeller

i want to sell desktop traffic
bundles of install


World Wide Mac and Windows PPI traffic for sale. Looking for clean advertisers for large scale partnership! PM me

riya robinSeller

I Am Selling bundles of install
contact me on skype -riya robin


Plastic Surgeons Email List
Techno Data Group healthcare database enables you to select the aspect that best fit for your targeted marketing; whether its location wise target, number of employees, select with NAICS Codes / IRS Business Activity Codes / SIC Codes, Physician Specialty or any other healthcare department. Get customized Plastic Surgeons email list based on your marketing campaign, you can select variety of channels for multi channel b2b marketing campaigning to go viral and to expand market presence.
Time To Change – Let's Discuss About Your Campaign
We'd love to spend a few minutes talking about how Techno Data Group can help your business as quickly as possible.
Call us today at: (302) 268 6889
Email us at: sales@technodatagroup.com

Berna | TractasBuyer

I'm looking for Traffic on our Chrome Extension Offers. Feel free to ping me on skype: live:berna_873 to discuss this exciting opportunity.


Sonia WalkerBuyer

Buy PPI PC/DESKTOP BUNDLE INSTALLS, Global &Tire1 Geos, Open cap!

Skype: walker.sonia1

Sonia WalkerBuyer

looking for WW Windows installs/ global geos./direct offers on PPI/CPI bundle model. weekly payment/ monthly payment.

Skype: walker.sonia1

Adrian WellingtonSeller

Looking for Direct/Exclusive CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, PPI for Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

Tractas is a Global Online Performance Marketing Agency for Mobile & Desktop Devices.

Please email/skype me: adrian@tractas.com so we can touch-base


Offering desktop installs for Windows & Mac.
Any chrome extension or any PC utility software etc.

I am a direct publisher selling desktop installs for all the Tier 1 countries. USA/CA/AU/NZ/GB

Available users - Windows (32-Bit & 64-Bit) & Mac
Minimum order - 500 Installs (If you want to test)
I charge on a fixed rate - $0.75/Install - Any of the Tier 1 Geos.

Only prepayment!
Payment method - PayPal/BTC/XMR/Skrill
Any desktop software/program is welcome.
Chrome extension or any utility software as well.
Please have your offer ready when you approach.
Can provide upto 5000 installs a day and look forward to some serious business. The installs comes with guaranteed uptime. Means they wont just go away after a few hours or something.

Every Install will be unique and is NOT resold to multiple advertisers. Only you will be getting that Install.

I ONLY work with DIRECT ADVERTISERS. No networks Please. Msg me here on mymediads to discuss further.

Sharks MediaBuyer

Looking for CPI,CPL,CPM, PPI,PPL World Wide traffic
All verticals except adult and dating

* Website Traffic
* Installation

Add us on Skype at sharks.media for more information


My name is Patricia Galiano, and I work for comScore in our Panel Development group responsible for developing our 2MM+ global consumer panel. We are looking for partners like your company for opportunities to distribute our opt-in market research software, RelevantKnowledge (http://www.relevantknowledge.com).
We offer highly competitive commission rates for U.S. and International installs, and would be very interested in discussing the potential for a valuable partnership between you and comScore.
Program Highlights:
- Highly competitive commission rates
- Online real-time installation stats & reporting
- User friendly uninstall functionality - control panel's add/remove programs
- Integration options
Feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to speaking with you further about software bundling opportunities and the partner benefits available as a comScore partner.
Best Regards,
Patricia Galiano


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