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436 ads

FroggyAds.com SupportSeller

✔️ 2,000,000,000 reach per day. (2 Billion)
✔️ CPC from ONLY $0.01 - All 252 GEO's.
✔️ Best Push-notification Advertising Network.
✔️ 10x Higher Conversion Than Other Traffic Sources.
✔️ Targeting: Desktop, Phone, OS, Browser, Country & City
✔️ 100% bot-free
✔️ Average ROI on 118%
✔️ No adblockers
✔️ Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google.
✔️ Low minimum deposit on $50

Sign up Now: https://froggyads.com/push-notifications.html

How to run push notification advertising:
Push-advertising is currently the best type of ads to get conversions and the best performing affiliate tool.

To run those campaigns you will need:
⚈ 192×192 px logo for your campaign
⚈ 492×328 px creatives
⚈ title up to 30 symbols and description up to 45 symbols

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Zeus Technologies™Seller

For More Information And Ordering Visit https://www.zeustechnologies.com

Buy Traffic For Just 1 Penny Per Click !

Cheaper Than Bing Ads, Facebook Ads And Google Adwords. Pricing Starts At Just 1 Penny Per Click.

We Have Surplus Traffic Inventory For All Verticals, Sources, Platforms, Carriers and Geos.

For More Information And Ordering Visit https://www.zeustechnologies.com Or Email Us At zeus@zeustechnologies.com

Valeriia KulkoBuyer

Looking for affiliates for Sweeps, Dating, Gambling, Crypto, Utility offers.
Cover WW - CPA-CPL-CPI-PPI and more.
Let's discuss via valeriia.k@rmkr.uk, or Skype: valeriia.k.rainmaker


Offering desktop installs for Windows & Mac.
Any chrome extension or any PC utility software etc.

I am a direct publisher selling desktop installs for all the Tier 1 countries. USA/CA/AU/NZ/GB

Available users - Windows (32-Bit & 64-Bit) & Mac
Minimum order - 500 Installs (If you want to test)
I charge on a fixed rate - $0.75/Install - Any of the Tier 1 Geos.

Only prepayment!
Payment method - PayPal/BTC/XMR/Skrill
Any desktop software/program is welcome.
Chrome extension or any utility software as well.
Please have your offer ready when you approach.
Can provide upto 5000 installs a day and look forward to some serious business. The installs comes with guaranteed uptime. Means they wont just go away after a few hours or something.

Every Install will be unique and is NOT resold to multiple advertisers. Only you will be getting that Install.

I ONLY work with DIRECT ADVERTISERS. No networks Please. Msg me here on mymediads to discuss further.

staoism .aspBuyer

We now have an offer, that requires a lot of US installation (desktop).
Our offer is a plug-in for IE browser, only IE,We need a lot of US desktop installation, we have a good budget,
If you can provide the installation (which can be bundled installation)Please contact me.
Special Note:
1.We do not support advance payment, we have good payment credit.(If you are a company, high credibility, we can consider prepaid Sign the IO protocol)
2.payment method:paypal , WMZ,PM,wire transfer
3.We are currently only interested in PPI (pay per install), other types of traffic are not very interested in. If not PPI, please do not add me.
4.payment cycle:First cooperation daily payment
Cooperation for a long time to pay once a week.

We have the credibility of that, did not deceive anyone, did not deceive a penny.

Looking forward to your contact!



We are buying USA install (WinOS) for our offer on PPI basis - we are direct advertisers. Need up to 5k installs daily. Please contact me here, or in Skype: support@nottotrack.com


We are looking for direct publishers who can provide us installs via desktop bundle offers on PPI basis for our in-house software.

We are only looking for genuine publishers who want to work with us on a long term basis.

Shadow BlackSeller

I can send biggest traffic for you.
my skype: langjv93_1
Hope work together

Tube Monetize ManagerSeller

Budget Subscriptions for Auto Offers Distribution (Advantage Method)

Publisher can Generate Installs at Lowest Rates & Sale Installs at Own Rates to PPI Network

Ad Acceptance : Files, Software's, Games, Tools, Desktop POP Ads, POP Under Page, Flash Lander, Chrome Extension, Web Offers, Banner Ads, DOC / PDF Exploits

Average Subscriptions / Month : 545 USD - 1654 USD

Average Install Rates (Software's / Tools / Games / Desktop POP Ads) : 8 Cents - 25 Cents

Rates Calculations : One Time Subscriptions for 30 Days / 45 Days / 60 Days

Install Method : Mass Distribution Campaign through World's #1 Network "YouTube Network"

Campaign Type : Fully Automatic & Re-Schedule

Blasting Install Limit : 200 - 10,000 / Day (Till Subcription Period)

Account Approval Time : 24 HRS - 48 HRS

EXE - DOC / PDF / JPG / URL (Exploit) : Additional Charges Applicable

Reference Network : Tube Monetize

Subscription : www.tubemonetize.online

Skype : live:sociotubemonetize


Buy installs bunddler software US

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Desktop InstallsSeller

Hi I'm selling US installs (updates). Your file is uploaded to my loader and each order includes a link for you to watch the install statistics. I can sell up to 5-7k updates per day. 1k=2-3 hours. Execution rate is high. No reselling through PPI networks
Price depends on monetization
Crypt - 25$
We can use a middle man that we both agree upon. Popular on boards.
1. Your file must be FUD and working. It is not my responsibility to check it
2. Your file less 5MB.
3. Write what you need, when you add me IM
Is it loads, installs or updates?
It's updates.
Why you named updates loads in your thread?
I see that a lot of people don't know what is updates.
Unique updates from my loader.
Can you do test?
I can do small free test for people with good reputation and who are dealing in installs industry long time.
Can you make refund if I will ask for it?
1k is minimum order
ICQ: 727893121
Skype: live:usdevotion


I need installs for PPI traffic for MAC os
these are rates: US - $0,90
UK - $0.80
CA - $0.70
FR, DE, AU - $0.60
JP, IT, ES, NO, SE - $0.30

If you have real traffic not bots ping me on SKYPE: maria_23672

Alan LeeBuyer

Hi Dear,
I'm looking for HQ PPI traffic basis on PC. The main geos are: USA ,UK, DE ,TR, KOR, PL,and JP.
if you have please don't hesitate to contact me. Skype id: contact_67550
we can do weekly pay.
Looking forward to working with you.

Kalvin JudeSeller


We are providing PPi bundle installs + Tech support software


I am Albert Smith from CPX-Traffic, a leading Ad network with Direct Publisher's Traffic Worldwide for POP, Banner, Video, Native and Email Campaigns.

Traffic available with the tracking link S2S, post back, Sub_id, Macros,Ads.txt and Image Pixel.

Targeting: Users, Sites, Relevant audience, Device, IP, Carrier, Versions.
Geos : Worldwide
Verticals : All
Payment Model: Will be a deposit on platform first and then comfortable net terms.
Payment Mode : Wire, Web money, E-payments, Payoneer.
Agreement : IAB Standard IO



Looking for PPI ( bundle offers) - MAC / WIN, we have traffic worldwide. Please contact me via a.naydenov@omni-a.com or skype me via anaydenovomnia.

Kind regards, Andrey

Ahmet ArslanBuyer

We have several active (and exclusive) campaigns for Turkey and we need min. 500 install per day for each app.

All of our apps belongs to premium brands like telecom, automotive, banking companies.

We also have ecommerce (discount) apps.

Tracking: Adjust & MAT

Please send us your rate cards for non-incent and incentive traffics.

contact: ahmet.arslan@adnboost.com
skype: "facebook:ahmetke"

About us:
We are working with leading media agencies, brands and publishers since 2011.

Our office based in Istanbul.

Payouts: We can make payments via PayPal or wire transfer.

Shahrukh MirzaBuyer

Hello, We are offering Super High Payout per Install as PPI Network dont really pay well to the publisher but we pay upto $3 per Install.
All Publishers are Invited. Its High Paying day ;)
Working with us is very beneficial for publishers so key advanteges are :

1) Daily/Weekly Payments
2) Best Payout Rates upto $3
3) Real time stats
4) Instant Account Activation
5) All Traffic Types accepted
6) All geos accepted

Its time to say bye to obsolete PPI networks and switch to InstallEmpire, The New PPI Network for The New ERA.
Register http://installempire.com/
Skype - live:installempire


Preferably PPC, PPI, CPA, CPL and Flat Fee. I have over 4.1 million followers with most of them residing in USA, UK, AUS, CAN, etc.. In that order. Looking for reliable companies to sign up for as well!

Followers are in the General Knowledge/Facts niche. Works well with everything

email: ang.mesh@gmail.com for more information.


Hello Marketers,

I am looking for some direct publishers who are having install traffic for US zone. I am having some softwares which I am willing to install. Publishers can be from anywhere (Including Isarel) that doesn't matter. I am running Tech Support Campaign.
My Skype ID:- techsupportunlimited

Waiting for a reply asap


We have US, UK, FR and DE bundle traffic looking for both Search and Non Search Direct Offers.

Skype: InstallMetrics



I am looking for good PPI network,

Please contact me.



We are looking to get a wider distribution for our in-house software via desktop bundle offers on PPI basis.

Everyone who can provide INSTALLER, feel free to add me on Skype. My Skype ID is live:milos.mitic_5.

Note - We are not selling traffic or installs.


Hello Guys I am looking for software installs for my pc optimizer software.


Hi we would like to distribute our premium products on desktop platform on PPI basis.

Required 5000 installs daily.

We offer highest prices in PPI network.


i need PPi Bundle Installs traffic any good and genuine network ping me skype: dinesh.yadav371


World Wide Mac and Windows PPI traffic for sale. Looking for clean advertisers for large scale partnership! PM me


I need installs for PPI traffic for geo DE (Germany)

If you have real traffic not bots ping me on SKYPE: maria_23672


Looking for a publisher/affiliates with a huge PPI Browser Extension traffic

Please contact me via email and skype: live:karlatractasvalluate


You can also register at: http://partners.tractas.com/signup

Terms & Conditions:
•No Prepayment
•Bi-Weekly, NET15 and NET30 Payment Terms
•Paypal, Wire, Payoneer, Tipalti, Skrill and Webmoney Payments


Hey, i am looking for traffic for my direct CPS campaigns here are some of my top converting offers:
1) Zaful
2) Ssense
3) Awok
5) Flipkart
6) Daraz
7) Souq
8) Bestbuy
9) 11Street
10)Banggood.....and many more

if you have good quality traffic please feel free to ping me on Skype: live:f41ce73951d20f14
pratap skype: pratap781
email: lata.b@theobiadz.com