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http://FroggyAds.com is a Media Buying platform that connect You to over 100 traffic sources around the world. You will receive high-quality, high-performing and brand-safe traffic from the worlds top SSPs!

We work on CPM basic for Native ads & Display Ads and CPV for popups.
Our minimum CPM is $0.10 and for CPV is our minimum $0.001.

Our self-serve platform http://FroggyAds.com is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. Advertisers, Media Buyers, Agencies and Affiliate marketers can set up campaigns with a full range of targeting options and ad units to reach their desired audience.

Our advertising platform serve over 7,75 BILLION impressions Daily from over 180 countries.

5+ billion Display ad opportunities daily.
2+ billion Native ad opportunities daily.
750+ million Popup/Popunder ad opportunities daily.

We offer popunder, popup, interstitial ads, native ads, mobile & display banner ads.

http://FroggyAds.com ONLY Prepaid

Our Skype ID: live:froggyads

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I have TONS of EMAIL data available!!!

Targeted Data! RAW DATA!! ALL OPT IN TCPA Compliant!!!

GREAT Pricing on BULK orders!!!!!!!

Feel free to Skype me: Carlee.F21

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http://FroggyAds.com Get full control of our world class self-serve platform for online advertising where we focus on results, conversion and ROI.

Need to promote your product, business or mobile app?

Our powerful turnkey solution enables you to easily plan, manage and analyze your advertising campaigns.

The http://FroggyAds.com network is a renowned industry leader.

Every day we deliver over 7 BILLIONS of mobile and desktop ad impressions to billions of potential clients, for more than 185 countries.

We have all kind of ad formats like Popunder, Popup, Intersitial, Native Ads, Mobile and Display Banners.

Our innovative self-serve platform is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. It was created for online business owners, media buyers, affiliate marketers, mobile app developers and anyone there looking for high quality traffic, sales and app installations.

Adjust and fine tune advertising budgets and the campaign schedule are with no effort.

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Hello Guys Looking For PPI Bundle Offers .....Extensions.....And landing Pages too if any one Have So We Can get in touch Via Skype mohd.anas476

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Need tons of installs for Chrome Extension ( tier1,2 Geo)

NO Prepay. Daily payments.

Buzz me:
S: max.monetizus
E: max.s@monetizus.com

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I have a new clean and compliant product that makes an excellent match for adult verticals. I want to buy Mac desktop traffic for it.

If this is relevant for you, Ping me on Skype for more info: balazs.mike21

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Need Extensions Installs from United States

- Windows
We accept Click Jacking or other incent or non-incent methods but we don´t accept VPN , Proxy ...

- Payment : Paypal
- 0.20 / Install

Terms & Conditions:

First you need to send me 20 - 30 Installs to see if the installs is good , then I will pay you for this installs and i make a pre-payment for 100 - 1000 installs / day


Hello how are you All We are looking Direct Advertiser For CPI CPM CPL CPC PPI Email CC POP PPC PPcall offers We are waiting for your reply Thanks

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Have Tons of European Geo Install. Mobile & Desktop Both.



We have developed lots of Windows tools that are quite famous in their fields. And we are looking for a serious company that is willing to bundle their product with our installers on PPI basis.

These are the requirements for your products:
- NO Chrome blocking with Google Safe Browsing
- Zero Antivirus detection

If there is anyone here interested in serious cooperation fulfilling the requirements above please message us.

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Only Serious Publishers Required For CPA Network who thay want to Earn Huge Earning with your traffic of apps/ health/ fitness/ binary/ Games/ finance offers Feel Free to Contact me at skype: waleed.hashmi58


Hi, I am looking for a long term relationship on getting mortgage internet leads daily or weekly. If you have them or know anyone that does please:

skyp me: GlobalBusinessIdeas

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Are you a direct advertiser? We have the right traffic (worldwide) for you on CPC/CPM or CPV basis!
For further details send me an e-mail at anna.interdonato@a-digitalmind.com

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High quality, tier 1 PPC traffic for desktop and mobile promotions. Minimum $300 test/prepay. Contact us at http://siriustraffic.com or via Skype: siriustraffic

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Please contact me in case you have Mac desktop traffic to sell. Avantis is a direct advertiser with its own proprietary downloadable products. We pay per install a rate that will be worth your while.

Looking forward,
Balazs Mike
Business Development Manager
Avantis Team
Skype: balazs.mike21
email: balazsmi@avantisteam.com

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Hey hi All,

We r looking for PPI Bundle desktop offers and we have good quality publishers for bundle installs.

We can try sending u installs for any kind of offers.

PM me for more info


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Hello guys

I have fresh & unique email leads also banner paid traffic .. i want dating good offer only cpa base .. please contact me only network admin.. i want daily payment after 1k+ daily sale in your network .. right now 3 network working u need to reference also give u ...

Contact info :Skype ( dating.affiliate )
Email is : alexhaag210@gmail.com


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Hi there
I need leads for offers from CPA
( Mobile and Desktop )
- One Click Billing ( Country Austria - Adult )
- Pin-Submit
- PPI Traffic

Terms & Conditions:
• No Prepayment
• Weekly, NET15 and NET30 Payment Terms
• Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill

Before to pay I need to get some leads or Installs like a TEST

I looking for very much time : 1- 2 years or more

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Hellp , I have more traffic for all geos ! I need big network and AM support good . Give me campaign and payment good ! We will run for you high volumes !

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Hey hi,

We r looking for worldwide desktop bundle installs on PPI basis for a very clean offer.

Publisher who have good volumes of bundle installs can reach me to Skype : benshakingmedia

We can even send u quick payments, so only people who have good volumes of Desktop installs can contact me



Keydownload are looking to Buy DESKTOP performance traffic!

We are working on a CPI model and promoting Google compliant products.

I would love to further discuss about the opportunity to BUY desktop media on POPS and BANNERS.

Please respond if you find my offer relevant so we can further discuss about it.

Waiting for your response,
Skype: yogev.kidar

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My name is Spike and I am affiliate manager at Top Selections, an affiliate network from Amsterdam. I am looking for quality CPI traffic. Lets skype about what we can do together.

Spike Joore
Skype: Spike- Top Selections

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Looking for Direct/Exclusive CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, PPI for Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

Tractas is a Global Online Performance Marketing Agency for Mobile & Desktop Devices.

Please email/skype me: adrian@tractas.com so we can touch-base

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Do you want your website to be found

Do you want to your website or product to be known

do you want up left your sales by attacking as much people as you can

if your answer is yes then talk to me

My name is Leah and i represent Lexie Media

we are specialized in Online marketing were we can use our own sources to generate the traffic that you desire

Our payment terms are Prepayment , we do not accept Net terms with new deals

for more info
email : leah@lexiemedia.com
skype: live:leah-adelman

you can also visit our website


I am Searching for new deals i do both things buy and sell traffic selling for only ppi traffic
mainly i have traffic for extensions and installers
cantact me if you are searching for desktop traffic thank you

please send me your skype so I cxan add you as a contact

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MGCash Network delivers online content and monetization solutions for small to mid-sized web publishers, and keyword-based online advertising solutions for direct-response and ecommerce marketers. We offer a variety of products and solutions that consistently produce high ROI for our advertisers and partners.

MGCash has a new content gateway / locker with a few features that you may have not seen before. MGCash continually invests in technology innovation to keep pace with the rapidly changing online marketplace.

You can check us here:

Or send us an email at:

Or skype:

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Hey hi,

We r looking for Flash player update offer with weekly payment.

So please Message me or add me to skype and we can discuss


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Hey hi All,

We have huge requirement for Desktop Bundle traffic for tier 1 countries and we can offer u Quick Payments based on the offer too, so dont delay in reaching us for this

Shaking Media
skype : benshakingmedia

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Hey hi All,

We r a PPI network and now we r looking for World wide Desktop Bundle installs on PPI Basis.

We can take installs from any country in the world, we dont encourage proxy or fraud installs,

Please PM me with volumes u can do per day and we can discuss on the Pricing part, we can also offer quick payments


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High quality, tier 1 traffic for mobile traffic. Contact us via Skype: siriustraffic and visit http://siriustraffic.com